Viva Las Vegas!

All things must come to an end and this class is no exception. As our final project, we were tasked with the creation of a video. This video could be of news nature or of a promotional one. We chose a promotional approach.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas, Nevada with my friend and classmate Mackenzie Holmberg. Since we were both going to Las Vegas and had this assignment we decided to create a Las Vegas related video. Even further we wanted the video to be about our experience in Las Vegas during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR).  With this in mind, we wanted to showcase our favorite things we did while we were there.

Mackenzie Holmberg and I at The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2017.

I loved my experience in Las Vegas! it was amazing to be there in person for something I have watched on TV my entire life. However, my experience of trying the video the trip was less enjoyable. I did enjoy capture memories and because I am used to taking lots of pictures it was not new for me to always think about taking a picture. It was harder for me remind myself to video things. I liked to be able to watch the videos to look back on my trip.

Something that I did not enjoy was looking like a creep at times. Sure Las Vegas has tons of weirdos around but it still made me uncomfortable to be holding my phone up at times. I also did not like people walking in front of me all the time and ruining the video I was taking.

I think had I had an actual camera rather than my iPhone people probably would not have walked in front of me as much. Something else that I would have done differently would have been to charge my phone more before the actual rodeo. I had this external charger that broke on the trip I had planned to use. So my phone died and I didn’t get any footage at the buckle ceremony. Which was okay because they had signs up saying no photos or video. I’m glad Mackenzie had her phone while we were at Aaron Watson after the buckle ceremony so we could capture him.

One more thing I wish I could have done differently would have been to practice more with the adobe premier program before we had to do this project. I think our video could have been so much cooler had we had more experience with a video producing program.

It was awesome for Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band to reply to our message about using their music!

I am certainly going to use video in my future. I really enjoyed this project and I loved piecing together the footage and the audio.  I think in my future of Agriculture Communications I can create videos to advocate for the industry, which we call “AGvocating.” I also think I can use video to help promote my family ranch and the livestock we produce along with the hay we put up.





The Twitter

Got my picture with Pistol Pete!


I still needed an event when Wednesday rolled around. So I decided to go to my first Wyoming Cowgirls Volleyball game. I am surprised I have made it this long in my life without making it to a volleyball game.

Check out my hand at live tweeting.









480DBFBB-72F4-4A04-87C3-12E503C7FBB9So there it is!

I am so glad that I got to see the Cowgirls win at my first game. It was also really cool to watch them take the second place spot in the Mountain West conference.

Live tweeting an event was really interesting. I enjoyed being at the game. I did not enjoy the people that said, “get off your phone.” Now they did not say this to me. They said this in the direction of the person who was actually live tweeting for athletics. I know this man did not understand what was going on and he probably does not have “the twitter.” It was still rude though.

It was so much harder to live tweet than I thought. It is hard to type out a tweet, proofread it and tweet before the next big thing happens.

I loved getting to talk to President Nichols! It was so cool to see her there. When I saw her standing by herself I mentioned to the other girls also covering the event with me that we should interview her. She was great to talk to and told us to follow her on twitter too.

Something that I wish I would have done was to go live for the match point. I think it would have been really cool.

I think that using social media for a business is something I would like to do in my future. I would need some more practice but I think I would enjoy it.

Coke vs. Pepsi


Coke or Pepsi?

This question always seems to come up. This rivalry, one almost as old as time, has presented itself with a new way to be compared.  This time the comparison comes in the form of the social media accounts and the effectiveness of their accounts.

Personally, I don’t have one solid answer for this question. I’m more of a coke person but if there is only Pepsi I will drink it. I love both of these organizations I think that they always have pretty good business plans as far as marketing goes, as well as their Super Bowl commercials.


otsC43__21620.1410904952.386.513Facebook: Has fun videos and pictures of people enjoying their product.

Instagram: They have some trending things. However, their newest post says, “#hustonstrong.” That is a little outdated as far as posting regularly goes for me.

Twitter: First thing off there is two twitters with the same profile picture. They both have similar names and they have the blue checkmark. The Coca-Cola Co. twitter is pretty similar to their Facebook with the videos and images. I like the link to the company website as well.


Image result for pepsiFacebook: Pepsi has a feature that Coke does not and that is the shop now button. I think that puts them ahead in the effectiveness of their social media. They also have cool videos and pictures of people using their product.

Instagram: I love that in every picture they have at least a Pepsi can or some sort of Pepsi product. If they don’t have this, they have the blue and red colors.

Twitter: I really like how each post has an image or a video with it. I enjoy that they keep a theme blue and red or the Pepsi logo. They also find ways to incorporate their products. I also like the link to their shop as well.

Overall, I think Pepsi does a better job at being consistent with their content and color schemes.

I think that both the company’s use their social media’s in a great way to promote their products. I think that Pepsi does a little bit better job with their branding and promotions because of their shop button on facFacebookd the links to the same shop page on the Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I think Coke can improve on their branding and promotions as well as updating their platforms more often. It does throw me that the newest post is about the hurricanes in Huston. I also do not like that there is two very similar twitter account, that could be fixed.

Constructive and effective ways Coke and Pepsi are using social media.


  1.  Does evoke engagement.
  2. Uses color scheme to their advantage.
  3. Human-interest stories!


  1. They publish sharable content.
  2. Pepsi is driven by visuals.
  3. Embed videos and calls to actions in posts.

My advice:


  1. Create more variety with videos and images using different products.
  2. Utilize the known brand but don’t overuse the brand at the same time.
  3. Keep the posts promoting but also post about things that are trending such as the #vegas or #huston strong femoninons.


  1.  Utilize the brand recognition more! Use the recognition of the coke can or colors a little more in promotions and just general posts.
  2. Update regularly on all platforms.
  3.  Highlight all products a little more.

The take away from this assignment for me was that it is not easy to manage social media accounts for a business. I thought it would be easy since its pretty easy to use and manage my own social media accounts. The business side has so much more things to think about. You have to respond to people in a timely manner it’s not a, “Oh ill see them later and I can talk to them about this issue.”

On the business side of social media accounts, they also need to think about target audiences. They have to choose who they think will be most affected by the post.

Overall, I think Pepsi wins the social media war. However, I think I’ll still drink my Coke. It tastes better to me.




Audio 2.0

Here is my edited interview with my friend Morgan Cortez, check it out! She has such a passion and love for the agriculture industry that similar to mine.

Editing this audio was an interesting experience. I have never edited audio before so it was cool to get to learn new things.  I couldn’t get my silly computer to work so I had to use the campus computers to edit the interview.

I found it easier to have the original audio line and a new one. Then copy and paste the parts I wanted onto the new line. I found this to be a lot easier than just cutting out the parts I didn’t want.

I liked getting to experiment with different things since I had never done this before. I really enjoyed this project actually. I liked trying to figure out how the audio should flow.

I, however, did not like that I couldn’t get the vocal to flow as well as I thought I could. I also found it really hard to get the speech down to two minutes. After I cut out myself and most pauses the speech was still three and a half minutes long.

I was surprised by the ease this program had. I used the Audacity program and I found it really easy to figure out how to use. I thought it was going to be way harder to figure out and navigate. I was also surprised about how hard it was to get the speech to flow. I didn’t realize when I was interviewing that she just answered my question and it didn’t really make sense without the question there.

Something that I wish could be different would be the background noise. Maybe other people don’t notice it as much as I do. Now that I point it out it will bug you too. I did the interview in my room at my house and I didn’t think to shut off the fan in the corner. So now there is the fan in the background. I also wish the speech flowed better. There are some spots that don’t flow as well as I wish they could.

Hope your ears enjoyed my edited version of the audio!

Raw Audio Interview

I got the chance to experiment with recording an interview on my phone. Here is my interview with my friend Morgan Cortez.

This was such an interesting interviewing experience. I have interviewed before and recorded it on my phone. However, I never have really used the recording for anything. I felt different this time because we went to a specific place.

I interviewed her in my room because it is quiet and has carpet which was something I was worried about. There would be no echoing in the room but there was three dogs running around the house. I was worried that the dogs playing in the background would end up on the recording. The dogs in the picture on the sound cloud are our dogs. Morgan and I are such great friends but we don’t have any pictures together. We need to fix that.

It did feel odd to be interviewing in sorta an odd place. Most places I have interviewed someone at before were public places.

I liked that I could get to know my friend a little more and that I got to spend time with her since she is so busy. Something I didn’t like was how awkward I felt. I should not have felt awkward because I know Morgan pretty well. I think I just felt awkward holding my phone during the interview and watching the time.

I wish that the whole interview had gone more smoothly. I am such a procrastinator that I didn’t prepare enough questions to fill the whole time. At one point Morgan and I were just staring at each other. So there is this long silence until I asked random questions that did not completely pertain to the interview.

I would have had more questions prepared if I could change anything. I also probably would have interviewed in my car just for fun.

Overall this was a pretty cool interviewing experience.


Photojournalism in Laramie, WY

Almost there

James Price, University of Wyoming junior, goes up against Texas State defender for the ball. The Cowboys defeated Texas State on Sept. 30, 2017, 45-10 in War Memorial Stadium.

This photo is called “Almost there” becasue the James didn’t actually catch the ball. This photo is a sports-action photo. I attend all the home games that I can. I stood against the fence that is along the field so that I could get some action photos. I have photographed football before but never at this level and also never this close or with this nice of a camera. I took this photo with my Cannon 7D. This photo was toward the endof the second quarter. The crowd was very hyped becasue we had already scored a couple times. The crowd seems to be happier when we are winning or have a close game. I wish that i would have been able to get James’s face in this photo to make it alot better. I also would have made it better had he caught the ball.

Wild Beauty

Meghan Proctor, University of Wyoming junior, takes care of Cowboy Joe during events as well as day to day. Cowboy Joe made an appearance at the Texas State vs. UW game at War Memorial Stadium on Sept. 30, 2017.

“Wild beauty” is a feature photo of Meghan Proctor. She is a Cowboy Joe handler. The Cowboy Joe handlers take care of Cowboy Joe and make sure he present, healthy, and happy at various events including Wyoming Cowboy football games. I snapped this photo before the game so while it is at a sporting event I believe this photo is not sports related and more College of Agriculture and Natural Recourses related adn could be used in a feature story on jobs in the COANR or a feature on Cowboy Joe to the Cowboy Joe Club. I’ve heard that while the pony is so cute and beautiful he can be mean at times, hints the wild in the title. It was pretty easy to get this shot where I was standing becasue it is where Cowboy Joe stands during games. There isnt really any creative devices other than maybe color. She is smack in the center so that is something I would change.

Yeah buddy

#9 Tyler Hall, University of Wyoming sophomore, celebrates with his teammates after his touchdown on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, in War Memorial Stadium.

“Yeah buddy,” is a sports feature/sports action photo that is taken right after a touchdown. Something I would change about this photo is I really wish I could have gotten at least one face showing their emotion because they were really hyped after the 95-yard kick-off return touchdown. I was so glad to be standing where I was because Tyler ran right toward me


Quarterback Josh Allen, University of Wyoming junior, runs out of bounds to stop the clock last Saturday. The Cowboys defeated Texas State in War Memorial Stadium on Sept. 30, 2017, 45-10.

“Determination” is a sports action photo of Josh Allen! University of Wyoming current Golden Boy. He is pretty centered in the photo which is something I would change and I wish it was more crisp and clear. but I really like the look on his face. When he started running toward the sideline to close to where I was I just started clicking. I took about 10 photos in one series and got this one.


Rachel Derner and Jackie Johnston, both University of Wyoming juniors, hang on to Cowboy Joe at the Texas State game. Cowboy Joe made many touchdown celebrations runs on Sept. 30, 2017, at War Memorial Stadium.

“Giddy-up,” is a sport new or sports action photo of a couple of the Cowboy Joe handlers during one of the touchdown celebration runs. I love the look on Rachel’s face. I wish that the lighting was different and I would have wanted the security guy to be standing in a different location so his back was not in the picture.  I think the emotion in this picture is the best part.

This assignment didn’t really surprise me I just really wish I had taken my camera to campus the day it snowed to get photos of people in the snow. That would have made for a better story in some ways.

Adventures off auto

Beauty in little wings 

Pretty butterfly outside half acre gym. Creative device: rule of thirds.

I took this photo using my iPhone 6s outside half acre gym on Sept. 25, 2017. I was on the phone with my grandma when I saw around 20 butterflies in this patch of flowers.

The dominant creative device in this photo is the rule of thirds. I also think that this photo has a lot of colors and that is why I think that color is also a creative device used.

Trees can grow in rocks

This photo was taken Sept. 27, 2017, in Roger’s Canyon. Creative device: depth.

I talked my friend Jacy into taking an adventure with me to go take pictures. We chose to head out to Roger’s Cayon since Jacy had never been out there. After our hike on our way back to the car, I noticed this little branch.

This picture is taken with my Canon 7D. I was going for focus originally when taking this photo however when I took what I was going for it wasn’t too great of a picture. I snapped a couple more and fell in love with this picture. It is so simple and beautiful. The main creative device in this photo is depth. A couple of the other creative devices are texture, color, and focus.

Life in Paisley’s paws

IMG_9156 (2)
Paisley on Sept. 24, 2017. Creative device: point of view.

This is my favorite photo that I took indoors this past week. I am pretty bias but Paisley is my favorite photography subject because she is just so cute.

I took this with my Canon 7D. The creative devices I used mainly was the point of view but also a little focus. I thought this photo would be more interesting from the same level as her. The light on her nose is not ideal but I think it adds character to the photo.

Backroad adventures

IMG_9488 (2)
This is taken in Roger’s Canyon on Sept. 27, 2017. Creative devices: leading lines.

I love the sunspots in this photo! While some people do not like sunspots I think they can add to the beauty of a photograph.

I was a little disappointed that in Roger’s Canyon the road doesn’t have the yellow lines to create a more dramatic leading lines photo but I still think this is a cool photo. The leading line of the highway is the main creative device but that main one creates depth and I think there are some great colors in this photo too.

Branching out of comfort zones

IMG_9499 (2)
Fallen tree branch in Roger’s Canyon Sept. 27, 2017. Creative device: Texture

This picture was the very last photo I took on Jacy and I’s Roger’s Canyon adventure. It also happens to be one of my favorites that I took out there.

I took this picture to show texture within the tree branch. The photo also happens to have a leading line through the photo as well as focus as a creative device.

Assignment after my heart

 This assignment has been my favorite thing I have been told to do in a very long time. I am very inexperienced when it comes to manual settings on a camera and it so happens that my camera is mainly manual settings. I am so glad this assignment made me get out there and switch my camera off auto and really try to figure out the setting I have previously been fairly clueless about.

I was pretty surprised to find out how the different settings helped me think about different ways to photograph different things. It really got me to step out of my comfort zone and for those of you who know me know that my comfort zone is something I don’t leave often, or ever.



University of Wyoming Students Provide New Ways to View Food

Eric Lovell, ACRES Student Farm Treasurer, at the farmers market on Sept. 15, 2017.

Do you hate grocery shopping at the store? Do you like knowing where your food is grown? Do you like to experiment with new foods? Maybe ACRES Student Farm is the solution. ACRES Student Farm is just that, a vegetable farm run completely by students.

ACRES Student Farm sells produce at the farmer’s markets as well as to the Laramie community through their 12 week Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

The CSA program provides different shares of that week’s harvest to the members in the community who bought either full shares or half shares.  Sometimes the half shares get the same mix of produce as the full shares or they get completely different. It depends on the harvest that week.

“The CSA program is really great for both the buyers and for the farm,” says Lauren

Lauren Miller, ACRES Student Farm Secretary showing off some eggplant. Image: Laramie Boomerang

Miller, ACRES Student Farm Secretary. When ACRES has a large harvest the community gets a larger share but if there is a smaller harvest then the shares are smaller as well.

The University of Wyoming completely student ran farm is located on 30th and Harney in Laramie, Wyoming. ACRES stands for Agricultural Community Resources for Everyday Sustainability.

ACRES Student Farm started in 2006 when a student, Mary Huerter, wanted to create an operating student farm in order to fulfill the internship requirement for her degree. The farm now has compost piles, hoop houses, growing fields, a solar-powered harvest house, and a research building with a couple of greenhouses attached all on 1.8 acres of land. The farm still provides many internships to a variety of students today.

“ACRES is engaged in more than just growing and selling,” according to Donna Brown, College of Agriculture and Natural Recourses faculty and CSA program member, “the CSA program is a great opportunity to try new things that you normally would not.”

“It is amazing what the University has given us the opportunity to do,” said Lauren. The student farm “allows students to experiment in a way that’s real with real-time effects.”

At ACRES Student Farm there is more to do than just grow crops though that is their main attraction. “You can build whatever skill set you want to,” said Lauren, “and you don’t have to be an agriculture major to get involved.” ACRES has their own compost piles, as well as experiments going on all the time so there are many opportunities for people to explore.

For the compost piles, ACRES gather materials from several community restaurants and University of Wyoming ones as well to add to their compost piles. The microbiology students also do a senior capstone project with the ACRES compost piles.

ACRES teaches leadership and organizational skills as well, “sometimes you don’t realize how critical timing is with planting,” said Lauren. That is where those organizational skills come in handy.

“ACRES isn’t just education for the students but for the community as well,” said Donna.

The student farm has work days where anyone is welcome to come in a lend a hand. On most Saturdays, the community can drop-in and explore the grounds, help with the produce, or just hang out and see what goes on. This helps to keep the community involved in the student farm but also helps the students to build communication and leadership skills as they speak to community members and answer questions.

The CSA program pickup is on Tuesdays and with the “community built in, you see the same people every week, so you build a relationship with them,” Lauren stated.

ACRES provides a way for the community as well as for the students to experiment with new vegetables. The community members come pick up their shares of that week produce. When they get home and look at their goodies sometimes they are greeted but some surprising things.

The community members come pick up their shares of that week’s produce. Then when they get home and look at their goodies they find some familiar vegetables and sometimes they are greeted with some surprising things.

“They don’t just give us this strange stuff, they give us ideas of how to use them,” said Donna, “like Nasturtiums.”

Nasturtium, an edible flower. Image: Google images

People receive produce in their shares that they may have never seen or heard of before, however, ACRES tries to provide the community with useful tips and recipes to use the produce that the community got in that week’s share.

“ACRES makes you think of food differently,” Donna stated.






User-Friendly Challenge

Image result for user friendly

Each website and article have their own style and each person has a way they look at different websites. One of the things that help people when they look at websites is their usability. Usability is basically how easy is it to use and navigate a specific article on a website. Everyone wants websites to be easy to use and not be sitting there frustrated at their screen. So we put a website to the test. The site that was tested was Council on Foreign Relations, specifically their article called “The Long Fight Over Trade and Medicines.”

As I started to explore this article I noticed that it is simple, clean and straight forward. They have a slideshow with pictures relating to their topic at the top. Some of these images were of protesters, demonstrators, and politicians signing documents or making speeches. All of these images were mainly related to the World Trade Organization. Personally, when I first look at an article I skim to see if something catches my eye and obviously, the slideshow is what I noticed first but as I went down in the article I found a couple hyperlinks to other articles. I liked that when I opened them they were opened in new tabs. I then found the first interactive graph. I started clicking around on it and thought it was pretty cool. Finally, I made it to the bottom where there is an image and then I went back and skimmed some of the actual text that was there, I did like the summaries under the graphs.

I did not really have too many problems with the navigation of this article it was pretty plain and simple. However, on the interactive graphs, I loved that when you put your mouse over the graph at different points it would tell you what that point was, the downside to that was you couldn’t get to some places because they were blocked by the words that popped up. The overall navigation was very simple and easy to get around another thing I noticed on the graph is it was more of a mouse friendly tool not fingers for touch screen. My favorite thing about this website was there were no ads that popped up nor were there any along the sides to distract you from the article.

Trying to find the contact information was more difficult than I thought but it still only took me about two minutes to locate the phone number of the “Publications” department I, however, did not find information on who wrote the article.

I recruited my roommate Belle to look through the same website I did. She took a different approach which I thought would happen since each person is a little different. She went to the first paragraph of text skimmed a little then continued down, I didn’t read anything but the title before scrolling. She slowed a little on the graphs and images but mainly kept scrolling all the way to the bottom not stopping. Once she got to the image at the bottom she stopped, looked at it for a couple seconds and then went all the way back to the top. She looked through each of the slideshow images in detail and read each of the captions that went with them. I skimmed the captions but didn’t pay as much attention to them as I did to the images. Belle then went to the first graph and said, “This is really neat I like that you can change the graphs.” That is pretty similar to my thought about the first graph. She pointed out it was disappointing the first graph was the only one to change. She spent most of her time on the first interactive graph, as did I. Belle never opened a hyperlink which was one of the first things I did. She made the comment, “This site is very simple.”

I’m a pretty competitive person and I’m happy to say that it took Belle longer to find the contact information than it did me by about 30 seconds. She, however, found something that I did not and that is who actually wrote the article in the “credits” at the very bottom in the right-hand corner. I never noticed that.

Three things that were great:

  • Hyperlinks opened in new tabs
  • Simplicity; straight forward and to the point
  • Slideshow at top with easy click through buttons

Three things that could use some work:

  • Graphs; to be used on a touch screen and their ability to look at specific spots
  • Hyperlink in the first sentence; takes you away from the article right away
  • Author’s name listed, as well as contact information being easier to find

My Empty News Diet


It probably comes as a surprise that I do not really pay attention to the news. People always ask, “Aren’t communication people suppose to be the ones in the know about everything that is going on in the world?” Which should be true however in my case it is one of my challenges that I am working on improving.  My current news sources consist of social media such as Facebook and Snapchat, the occasional fox news viewing, or my dad. I do not completely trust what I see on social media because I see many things that are not true and I think that social media sometimes is slated towards what they think the public wants to hear or what can get the public riled up the most. I seem to trust Fox News because that is what my dad always trusts which I know isn’t the best reason to trust a news source and their slogan is “fair and balanced” so that makes me feel better. Then, of course, I trust my dad because he is my dad and his opinion means a lot to me.

As humans in America, we have become very accustomed to watching television, listening to music, and being on our phones all the time. Technology is a huge part of our lives and part of that is entertainment. Entertainment has always been used as a channel to get messages out. Even back when people went to the theater to watch Shakespeare’s plays there would be people there spreading news and letting people know what is going on around them. So, yes I believe that entertainment can be very informative whether that information is true or not is a different question.  I think that even tv shows can be informative about issues that are going on around us. For instance on Blue Bloods one of my favorite shows has different issues arise throughout episodes that real cops deal with such as a white cop shooting a black individual. Other forms of entertainment can be informative too like the music industry with Taylor Swift’s new music video for her song Look What You Made Me Do. The video suggests toward things that are happening in the news such as her sitting in the bath tub of jewels valued at the same amount as what was stolen from Kim Kardashian as well as the one dollar Taylor got out of the law suit in Denver.

Currently, the news has been coming up in many of my conversations with people on campus, friends, and professors with all the natural disasters happening in our country. However, on the day to day, I do not talk about the news often. I usually try to avoid talking to people about the news when it comes to subjects that can lead to confrontation because I am a very non-confrontational person. When topics do come up and I disagree with someone I try to listen to their opinion and then express mine however that’s not always how it works when things get heated, people’s bias gets in the way and emotions run high sometimes.

I believe that I have an empty stomach when it comes to my news diet. Some suggestions I have seen to improve my diet would be to set up my news app on my iPhone, turn on different news channelNews-Apps-Headers once in awhile, look up online newspapers, or even pick up a newspaper on campus. I know I have room for improvement and I will be working on it.