My Empty News Diet


It probably comes as a surprise that I do not really pay attention to the news. People always ask, “Aren’t communication people suppose to be the ones in the know about everything that is going on in the world?” Which should be true however in my case it is one of my challenges that I am working on improving.  My current news sources consist of social media such as Facebook and Snapchat, the occasional fox news viewing, or my dad. I do not completely trust what I see on social media because I see many things that are not true and I think that social media sometimes is slated towards what they think the public wants to hear or what can get the public riled up the most. I seem to trust Fox News because that is what my dad always trusts which I know isn’t the best reason to trust a news source and their slogan is “fair and balanced” so that makes me feel better. Then, of course, I trust my dad because he is my dad and his opinion means a lot to me.

As humans in America, we have become very accustomed to watching television, listening to music, and being on our phones all the time. Technology is a huge part of our lives and part of that is entertainment. Entertainment has always been used as a channel to get messages out. Even back when people went to the theater to watch Shakespeare’s plays there would be people there spreading news and letting people know what is going on around them. So, yes I believe that entertainment can be very informative whether that information is true or not is a different question.  I think that even tv shows can be informative about issues that are going on around us. For instance on Blue Bloods one of my favorite shows has different issues arise throughout episodes that real cops deal with such as a white cop shooting a black individual. Other forms of entertainment can be informative too like the music industry with Taylor Swift’s new music video for her song Look What You Made Me Do. The video suggests toward things that are happening in the news such as her sitting in the bath tub of jewels valued at the same amount as what was stolen from Kim Kardashian as well as the one dollar Taylor got out of the law suit in Denver.

Currently, the news has been coming up in many of my conversations with people on campus, friends, and professors with all the natural disasters happening in our country. However, on the day to day, I do not talk about the news often. I usually try to avoid talking to people about the news when it comes to subjects that can lead to confrontation because I am a very non-confrontational person. When topics do come up and I disagree with someone I try to listen to their opinion and then express mine however that’s not always how it works when things get heated, people’s bias gets in the way and emotions run high sometimes.

I believe that I have an empty stomach when it comes to my news diet. Some suggestions I have seen to improve my diet would be to set up my news app on my iPhone, turn on different news channelNews-Apps-Headers once in awhile, look up online newspapers, or even pick up a newspaper on campus. I know I have room for improvement and I will be working on it.

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