Photojournalism in Laramie, WY

Almost there

James Price, University of Wyoming junior, goes up against Texas State defender for the ball. The Cowboys defeated Texas State on Sept. 30, 2017, 45-10 in War Memorial Stadium.

This photo is called “Almost there” becasue the James didn’t actually catch the ball. This photo is a sports-action photo. I attend all the home games that I can. I stood against the fence that is along the field so that I could get some action photos. I have photographed football before but never at this level and also never this close or with this nice of a camera. I took this photo with my Cannon 7D. This photo was toward the endof the second quarter. The crowd was very hyped becasue we had already scored a couple times. The crowd seems to be happier when we are winning or have a close game. I wish that i would have been able to get James’s face in this photo to make it alot better. I also would have made it better had he caught the ball.

Wild Beauty

Meghan Proctor, University of Wyoming junior, takes care of Cowboy Joe during events as well as day to day. Cowboy Joe made an appearance at the Texas State vs. UW game at War Memorial Stadium on Sept. 30, 2017.

“Wild beauty” is a feature photo of Meghan Proctor. She is a Cowboy Joe handler. The Cowboy Joe handlers take care of Cowboy Joe and make sure he present, healthy, and happy at various events including Wyoming Cowboy football games. I snapped this photo before the game so while it is at a sporting event I believe this photo is not sports related and more College of Agriculture and Natural Recourses related adn could be used in a feature story on jobs in the COANR or a feature on Cowboy Joe to the Cowboy Joe Club. I’ve heard that while the pony is so cute and beautiful he can be mean at times, hints the wild in the title. It was pretty easy to get this shot where I was standing becasue it is where Cowboy Joe stands during games. There isnt really any creative devices other than maybe color. She is smack in the center so that is something I would change.

Yeah buddy

#9 Tyler Hall, University of Wyoming sophomore, celebrates with his teammates after his touchdown on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2017, in War Memorial Stadium.

“Yeah buddy,” is a sports feature/sports action photo that is taken right after a touchdown. Something I would change about this photo is I really wish I could have gotten at least one face showing their emotion because they were really hyped after the 95-yard kick-off return touchdown. I was so glad to be standing where I was because Tyler ran right toward me


Quarterback Josh Allen, University of Wyoming junior, runs out of bounds to stop the clock last Saturday. The Cowboys defeated Texas State in War Memorial Stadium on Sept. 30, 2017, 45-10.

“Determination” is a sports action photo of Josh Allen! University of Wyoming current Golden Boy. He is pretty centered in the photo which is something I would change and I wish it was more crisp and clear. but I really like the look on his face. When he started running toward the sideline to close to where I was I just started clicking. I took about 10 photos in one series and got this one.


Rachel Derner and Jackie Johnston, both University of Wyoming juniors, hang on to Cowboy Joe at the Texas State game. Cowboy Joe made many touchdown celebrations runs on Sept. 30, 2017, at War Memorial Stadium.

“Giddy-up,” is a sport new or sports action photo of a couple of the Cowboy Joe handlers during one of the touchdown celebration runs. I love the look on Rachel’s face. I wish that the lighting was different and I would have wanted the security guy to be standing in a different location so his back was not in the picture.  I think the emotion in this picture is the best part.

This assignment didn’t really surprise me I just really wish I had taken my camera to campus the day it snowed to get photos of people in the snow. That would have made for a better story in some ways.

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