Raw Audio Interview

I got the chance to experiment with recording an interview on my phone. Here is my interview with my friend Morgan Cortez.

This was such an interesting interviewing experience. I have interviewed before and recorded it on my phone. However, I never have really used the recording for anything. I felt different this time because we went to a specific place.

I interviewed her in my room because it is quiet and has carpet which was something I was worried about. There would be no echoing in the room but there was three dogs running around the house. I was worried that the dogs playing in the background would end up on the recording. The dogs in the picture on the sound cloud are our dogs. Morgan and I are such great friends but we don’t have any pictures together. We need to fix that.

It did feel odd to be interviewing in sorta an odd place. Most places I have interviewed someone at before were public places.

I liked that I could get to know my friend a little more and that I got to spend time with her since she is so busy. Something I didn’t like was how awkward I felt. I should not have felt awkward because I know Morgan pretty well. I think I just felt awkward holding my phone during the interview and watching the time.

I wish that the whole interview had gone more smoothly. I am such a procrastinator that I didn’t prepare enough questions to fill the whole time. At one point Morgan and I were just staring at each other. So there is this long silence until I asked random questions that did not completely pertain to the interview.

I would have had more questions prepared if I could change anything. I also probably would have interviewed in my car just for fun.

Overall this was a pretty cool interviewing experience.


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