Audio 2.0

Here is my edited interview with my friend Morgan Cortez, check it out! She has such a passion and love for the agriculture industry that similar to mine.

Editing this audio was an interesting experience. I have never edited audio before so it was cool to get to learn new things.  I couldn’t get my silly computer to work so I had to use the campus computers to edit the interview.

I found it easier to have the original audio line and a new one. Then copy and paste the parts I wanted onto the new line. I found this to be a lot easier than just cutting out the parts I didn’t want.

I liked getting to experiment with different things since I had never done this before. I really enjoyed this project actually. I liked trying to figure out how the audio should flow.

I, however, did not like that I couldn’t get the vocal to flow as well as I thought I could. I also found it really hard to get the speech down to two minutes. After I cut out myself and most pauses the speech was still three and a half minutes long.

I was surprised by the ease this program had. I used the Audacity program and I found it really easy to figure out how to use. I thought it was going to be way harder to figure out and navigate. I was also surprised about how hard it was to get the speech to flow. I didn’t realize when I was interviewing that she just answered my question and it didn’t really make sense without the question there.

Something that I wish could be different would be the background noise. Maybe other people don’t notice it as much as I do. Now that I point it out it will bug you too. I did the interview in my room at my house and I didn’t think to shut off the fan in the corner. So now there is the fan in the background. I also wish the speech flowed better. There are some spots that don’t flow as well as I wish they could.

Hope your ears enjoyed my edited version of the audio!

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