Coke vs. Pepsi


Coke or Pepsi?

This question always seems to come up. This rivalry, one almost as old as time, has presented itself with a new way to be compared.  This time the comparison comes in the form of the social media accounts and the effectiveness of their accounts.

Personally, I don’t have one solid answer for this question. I’m more of a coke person but if there is only Pepsi I will drink it. I love both of these organizations I think that they always have pretty good business plans as far as marketing goes, as well as their Super Bowl commercials.


otsC43__21620.1410904952.386.513Facebook: Has fun videos and pictures of people enjoying their product.

Instagram: They have some trending things. However, their newest post says, “#hustonstrong.” That is a little outdated as far as posting regularly goes for me.

Twitter: First thing off there is two twitters with the same profile picture. They both have similar names and they have the blue checkmark. The Coca-Cola Co. twitter is pretty similar to their Facebook with the videos and images. I like the link to the company website as well.


Image result for pepsiFacebook: Pepsi has a feature that Coke does not and that is the shop now button. I think that puts them ahead in the effectiveness of their social media. They also have cool videos and pictures of people using their product.

Instagram: I love that in every picture they have at least a Pepsi can or some sort of Pepsi product. If they don’t have this, they have the blue and red colors.

Twitter: I really like how each post has an image or a video with it. I enjoy that they keep a theme blue and red or the Pepsi logo. They also find ways to incorporate their products. I also like the link to their shop as well.

Overall, I think Pepsi does a better job at being consistent with their content and color schemes.

I think that both the company’s use their social media’s in a great way to promote their products. I think that Pepsi does a little bit better job with their branding and promotions because of their shop button on facFacebookd the links to the same shop page on the Instagram and Twitter accounts.

I think Coke can improve on their branding and promotions as well as updating their platforms more often. It does throw me that the newest post is about the hurricanes in Huston. I also do not like that there is two very similar twitter account, that could be fixed.

Constructive and effective ways Coke and Pepsi are using social media.


  1.  Does evoke engagement.
  2. Uses color scheme to their advantage.
  3. Human-interest stories!


  1. They publish sharable content.
  2. Pepsi is driven by visuals.
  3. Embed videos and calls to actions in posts.

My advice:


  1. Create more variety with videos and images using different products.
  2. Utilize the known brand but don’t overuse the brand at the same time.
  3. Keep the posts promoting but also post about things that are trending such as the #vegas or #huston strong femoninons.


  1.  Utilize the brand recognition more! Use the recognition of the coke can or colors a little more in promotions and just general posts.
  2. Update regularly on all platforms.
  3.  Highlight all products a little more.

The take away from this assignment for me was that it is not easy to manage social media accounts for a business. I thought it would be easy since its pretty easy to use and manage my own social media accounts. The business side has so much more things to think about. You have to respond to people in a timely manner it’s not a, “Oh ill see them later and I can talk to them about this issue.”

On the business side of social media accounts, they also need to think about target audiences. They have to choose who they think will be most affected by the post.

Overall, I think Pepsi wins the social media war. However, I think I’ll still drink my Coke. It tastes better to me.




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