The Twitter

Got my picture with Pistol Pete!


I still needed an event when Wednesday rolled around. So I decided to go to my first Wyoming Cowgirls Volleyball game. I am surprised I have made it this long in my life without making it to a volleyball game.

Check out my hand at live tweeting.









480DBFBB-72F4-4A04-87C3-12E503C7FBB9So there it is!

I am so glad that I got to see the Cowgirls win at my first game. It was also really cool to watch them take the second place spot in the Mountain West conference.

Live tweeting an event was really interesting. I enjoyed being at the game. I did not enjoy the people that said, “get off your phone.” Now they did not say this to me. They said this in the direction of the person who was actually live tweeting for athletics. I know this man did not understand what was going on and he probably does not have “the twitter.” It was still rude though.

It was so much harder to live tweet than I thought. It is hard to type out a tweet, proofread it and tweet before the next big thing happens.

I loved getting to talk to President Nichols! It was so cool to see her there. When I saw her standing by herself I mentioned to the other girls also covering the event with me that we should interview her. She was great to talk to and told us to follow her on twitter too.

Something that I wish I would have done was to go live for the match point. I think it would have been really cool.

I think that using social media for a business is something I would like to do in my future. I would need some more practice but I think I would enjoy it.

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