Viva Las Vegas!

All things must come to an end and this class is no exception. As our final project, we were tasked with the creation of a video. This video could be of news nature or of a promotional one. We chose a promotional approach.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas, Nevada with my friend and classmate Mackenzie Holmberg. Since we were both going to Las Vegas and had this assignment we decided to create a Las Vegas related video. Even further we wanted the video to be about our experience in Las Vegas during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR).  With this in mind, we wanted to showcase our favorite things we did while we were there.

Mackenzie Holmberg and I at The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2017.

I loved my experience in Las Vegas! it was amazing to be there in person for something I have watched on TV my entire life. However, my experience of trying the video the trip was less enjoyable. I did enjoy capture memories and because I am used to taking lots of pictures it was not new for me to always think about taking a picture. It was harder for me remind myself to video things. I liked to be able to watch the videos to look back on my trip.

Something that I did not enjoy was looking like a creep at times. Sure Las Vegas has tons of weirdos around but it still made me uncomfortable to be holding my phone up at times. I also did not like people walking in front of me all the time and ruining the video I was taking.

I think had I had an actual camera rather than my iPhone people probably would not have walked in front of me as much. Something else that I would have done differently would have been to charge my phone more before the actual rodeo. I had this external charger that broke on the trip I had planned to use. So my phone died and I didn’t get any footage at the buckle ceremony. Which was okay because they had signs up saying no photos or video. I’m glad Mackenzie had her phone while we were at Aaron Watson after the buckle ceremony so we could capture him.

One more thing I wish I could have done differently would have been to practice more with the adobe premier program before we had to do this project. I think our video could have been so much cooler had we had more experience with a video producing program.

It was awesome for Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band to reply to our message about using their music!

I am certainly going to use video in my future. I really enjoyed this project and I loved piecing together the footage and the audio.  I think in my future of Agriculture Communications I can create videos to advocate for the industry, which we call “AGvocating.” I also think I can use video to help promote my family ranch and the livestock we produce along with the hay we put up.





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